About eisodos

eisodos – Journal for Literature and Theory is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal and is aimed at students of literary studies (B.A./B.Ed., M.A./M.Ed., Ph.D. students). The topics of eisodos are questions of the interpretation of ancient literature, especially of Greco-Roman antiquity, and its reception, as well as literary theories and the comparison of such theories. Reviews of thematically relevant publications are also welcome, as are reviews of theatre performances of ancient plays or other adaptations of ancient material.

Students & doctoral candidates working on these topics are invited to submit concisely argued academic contributions of approximately 10–15 pages. eisodos is published twice a year. Contributions can be submitted in German as well as in English. Submission deadline for the spring issue of eisodos is October, 30th, for the autumn issue April, 30.

Submissions should be submitted via the the journal system OJS: http://ojs.eisodos.org/index.php/eisodos/about/submissions.


eisodos (greek: εἴσοδος) means “way in,” that is: entrance, introduction, learning, studies, but also investigation and method.