About eisodos

eisodos – Journal for Literature and Theory is a peer-reviewed, open access, online-journal for all students of literary studies, Ancient or modern (B.A.-/B.Ed.- and M.A.-/M.Ed.-students as well as Ph.D.-students). eisodos accepts submissions in both English and German and is published two times a year. Submission deadline for the spring issue of eisodos is October, 30th, for the autumn issue April, 30.

eisodos has as its focus, on the one hand, on questions concerning the interpretation of literature, ranging from Ancient literature to contemporary literature, on the other hand, on theories of literature, their implications (esp. for interpretation) as well as  the comparison of different literary theories. The comparison of different literary theories is a further key aspect on which eisodos will welcome submissions. Interpretation here is intended to include both studies on individual works of literature or specific aspects in individual works of literature as well as studies on literature in general. The theoretical framework and approach that forms the basis of any of these interpretations should always be articulated.

The aim of eisodos is to discuss interpretations of literature and the theories about literature that lie behind these. The fundamental question is that of how ‘we’, nowadays, interpret and understand literature and what the basis of that particular understanding may be. Submissions should discuss literature from fresh perspectives or test the applicability of literary theories. Comparative studies of literary theories are also most welcome. By this is meant studies that address questions concerning the relationship between theory and praxis and, moreover,  the continuity of thinking and theorising about literature since Antiquity.

In addition to submissions on the interpretation of literature and literary theory, eisodos invites ideas for reviews of thematically suitable publications. Proposals should be sent to the editors (herausgeber@eisodos.org) at any time, independently of any current call for papers. The editors will then commission the reviews and upon final revision, the reviews will be published in the next issue of eisodos.

Students interested in these topics are invited to send in submission of approx. 7–10 pages. Submissions (as Word- or OpenOffice-document) should be sent to herausgeber@eisodos.org. Please include your name, university affiliation, and a short biography with your submission. Please make sure you check the author guidelines.  Please be sure to reserve time during the last two weeks before publication (April, 15th, and October, 15th respectively) to revise your article. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us: herausgeber@eisodos.org.



eisodos (greek: εἴσοδος) means “way in,” that is: entrance, introduction, learning, studies, but also investigation and method.